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Black Lodge Sweden

Black Lodge designed by Jagnefalt Milton. This image is applicable to nothing in this post, aside from my desire to be there rather than here. The closest I’ve come is Vaxholm (also known as not close enough).

10. Studies say people who read literary fiction perform better on tests measuring emotional intelligence and empathy. This does not surprise me. The New York Times has a “Can you read people’s emotions?” quiz, where based on eyes alone you guess the emotion. I scored 34/36. It’s fun.

9. Everything Jonathan Franzen hates. We all know this could be longer, but it’s a decent sized list as it is. I do agree with him on Jennifer Weiner though.

8. As discussed in my last post, I’m not fond of librarian stereotypes (or stereotypes in general). Rhode Island Librarian Association is attempting to change this by releasing a Tattooed Librarians of the Ocean State 2014 calendar. As every youngish librarian I know has a tattoo (or several), I don’t know that this is particularly bold, but maybe to the outside world it’s eye-opening.

7. I love Bob Dylan. Truly. While I may not have reached epic proportions of fandom (and never will, despite #8), I have a healthy respect for the man. I named a blog about literature after one of his songs, I think he’s an amazingly talented lyrical genius. That being said, I snort/laugh (very ladylike, of course) every time someone suggests he should win the Nobel Prize for literature. I wouldn’t be appalled by a Dylan win, certainly much of what he’s written could be considered poetry, but he’s not my first, second, third, or fourth choice…

6. My body temperature is approximately that of a yeti’s, assuming a yeti is very, very cold. I casually touched a friend this week and he promptly screamed “Jesus Christ get your hands off me”. In public. It was the highlight of my week (and something every girl loves to hear). (Mildly related: does touching/teasing/laughing/being fully engaged in a conversation automatically mean flirting? I say no, but this article made me think a bit more about my actions.)

5. I’m considering doing a video/vlog post. I don’t know why, maybe for the challenge of being outside my comfort zone? Thoughts? Opinions? Have you done one (if not, would you)? Or do you value at least a little anonymity?

4. As much as I love helvetica (and I seriously love it), this is still one of my favorite short imagined monologues (even though it’s old).

3. Do you ever cringe when you realize you have a typo somewhere in you’re post that you missed while editing? I hate when that happens. Feel better about yourself, because no matter what it is, it’s probably not as bad as these. Although as a lover of bad puns, I appreciate #27.

2. I am taking a break from sewing the curtains for my October #pinitdoit challenge to type this up. I’m feeling very domestic and accomplished (not a feeling I often achieve). I’m also ignoring the fact that I’d been sewing for about 4 minutes before I decided to abandon the project to write this instead.

1. I wish I had a good update on my library progress, but I don’t. I finished painting, framed my vintage print of The Smiths and War Is Over (if you want it), and sanded my card catalog. As previously noted, I’m sewing curtains and I ordered this lamp re-purposed from an actual laboratory stand (the science nerd in me is rejoicing).

As usual, blame Christine as Bookishly Boisterous for whatever amount of time you just lost reading through my list (I love you for it though!). I have the best of intentions (which pave the road to hell).

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