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Bookish (And Not So Bookish) Thoughts

Many thanks go to Christine for hosting this again.

1. I mentioned this in my last review, but I hit the 250 post mark. I’m still pleased about that.


2. Where are you on the bookshelf (in your local bookshop)? I was certain that I would be beside Flannery O’Connor, but my local bookshop doesn’t carry any of her books (this made me a little sad). I fell between Tim O’Brien’s ‘Tomcat in Love’ and Mildred Pavic’s ‘Landscape Painted with Tea’. I stole this idea from Reading in Bed. Also, if you’re ever in Denver, you should visit the Tattered Cover (my local bookshop).

3. I’ve seen this floating around all week and it. is. fabulous. Librarian Shaming. All the things we librarians do that we prevent patrons from doing. But, if true, you can’t blame me. This is what my work week looked like...(stressful, what does that even say?!?).

Librarian Shaming

I will neither confirm or deny this.

4. Do you know what I bought this week? I’m so excited. I bought a card catalog. It badly needs to be refinished. What’s one more thing on the #pinitdoit list? (Besides my sanity…). So, refinishing options:

Two-Tone (click to see full project), darker two tone, or solid color?

5. On the RIPVIII front, I’m still watching The Walking Dead, I watched Salem’s Lot (with Rob Lowe), and my coworker convinced me to watch season one of Twin Peaks. How did I not know David Lynch co-created that?

6. This week I joined the ‘Fuck you, Mensa‘ club. The club for people with IQ’s in the top 2-8%. There’s tap-dancing. And pie. Thanks Katie for approving my request.

7. I was supposed to have a lunch date on Wednesday of this week. He cancelled on me and rescheduled for Thursday. He then cancelled on Thursday. I was WITHOUT lunchtime reading material for two days. That was the worst part of the experience.

8. In time for Halloween, the 50 scariest books of all time. I don’t know that I wholly agree, but it’s a good list.

9. What you favorite Shakespeare play says about you. I have two: The Taming of the Shrew and Much Ado About Nothing (which, if you haven’t seen the most recent version of the movie, you must see immediately). Here’s what you can infer about me? You think affection is best shown in insult form — and you expect a lot from your lover. You’re a feminist — or not. It all depends on how you read the ending. Kind of true on both counts.

10. This is SO not book related, but how gorgeous is this wedding? If I ever did the wedding thing (and there is not a single scenario in which I can imagine myself doing so), I would want one like this.

Lake Placid Wedding

I was sincere in requesting your help in regards to the card catalog – a two-tone finish or a solid color? I’m still in the prep process, so take your time to think on it, but then weigh in please.


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