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October Pin It and Do It Challenge

Subtitled: Get Shit Done.


In some ways a book blog can be limiting. Yes, I read a lot of books. Yes, I work in a library. My life, to put it literally, is surrounded by books. Now by virtue of my open nature, I manage to squeeze in quite a bit of inane personal information (the actual personal stuff stays personal, mostly). But I have quite a few interests other than reading. Right now, aside from family and friends, my big interest (read: necessary obligation) outside of books is my house. There are so many things wrong with it that I feel a bit like I’m drowning. I’ve taken to working on little projects in a variety of rooms, but this means nothing is being finished. So when I saw that Trish over at Love, Laughter, and Insanity (who has two of the cutest little girls ever – it almost makes me want to have one) is hosting an October Pin It and Do It Challenge, I decided to sign up. Given how organized I am (e.g. even my DVDs are alphabetized and my closet is arranged perfectly), it’s amazing that the cluttered and disorganized space that serves as my furniture graveyard – also known as my library – has not been finished. So with the #pinitdoit challenge, I’m going to finish my library. Because this is a multi-step project, I’m choosing the pin obsessed level (meaning 8+ pin completions). Now I’m doing this, dear readers, because you all refused to help when I asked for volunteers last time (no worries, I forgive you, I wouldn’t help me either). I’ll try to keep this as entertaining as possible. So if I say I’m going to share it, it will get done on time and on budget – right? RIGHT? Probably not, but it’s good to have goals.

Here’s what needs to happen (full disclosure, this project will not be documented in real time, e.g. I’ve technically already chosen a paint…I hope):

1. Pick a paint color (finding the perfect grey). For those of you who think renovation isn’t boring, you haven’t watched me choose between shades of grey. It is exactly as exciting as watching paint dry.

2. Restore wood floors.

3. Find and purchase: Curtains, rug, lamp, and various other things that will inevitably waste what little disposable income I have (but the room will look nice).

4. Frame my vintage print of The Smiths. It’s from the 1985 Meat is Murder tour.

6. Prinstagram some of my favorite Instagram photos.

7. Spray paint the surround of my fireplace. This should be fun. It’s a shame sarcasm doesn’t come across online. Although, to quote Fifty Shades of Grey, sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but – and this is unverified trivia for you – it’s makes you smarter and more creative. So.

8. This number is reserved for all non-renovation related work – like reading, cooking, and the thing that makes this all possible…working. I badly need to update my CV (I’m making this an October requirement), I want to finish season three of The Walking Dead, and I would like to finish Doctor Sleep (Storm Front and Dirty Love come first, unfortunately).

I created a board with all of my inspiration pins.

I am very sensitive to my surroundings, which explains why this matters so much to me. My mood is heavily influenced by my physical environment, so I do my best to work with what I have to make it a nice place to live. I haven’t always lived in nice places. When I was flat broke in college, I rented a room in a fraternity house full of guys (naturally) and it was, without a doubt, the most disgusting place I’ve ever lived. In all fairness it was also a good time, but it was not someplace that you walked around barefoot. Fun fact: aside from my freshman roommate in college, I’ve never had a female roommate.

Let’s get this done. Any chance the finished product will look like this?



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