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Bookish (And Not So Bookish) Thoughts: A Top Ten List

I love lists. No surprise there. I have a whole tab dedicated to lists. I love Top Ten Tuesday, even if it is primarily dedicated young adult fiction (which is great, just not what I typically read). However, on occasion there’s a topic that really doesn’t interest me – like today’s (favorite secondary characters). So I’m changing it up and stealing (with credit) Christine’s bookish and not so bookish thoughts list idea.

it is what it is

1. I have a potentially life changing meeting/presentation in front of a full committee this week. I’m terrified. Please excuse me while I go cower in a corner and cry. While cowering I’ll also be fretting over what I should wear and which way my hair will look prettiest. Sometimes it’s truly ridiculous to be a girl. If I was a guy, I would wear a suit and tie and be done with it.

2. Tying in to number one, I explain (read: defend) my job to people frequently – this is what I’ll be doing at the meeting. For 3/5 of my work week I’m the head of cataloging department at my library (for 2/5 I’m PIC for the reference/public services department). Cataloguers are the unicorns of the library world – important, awesome, but rarely seen. We create the records that people search to find what they want – someone has to write those records and format them into a machine readable cataloging record so that the database can search and display the information using accepted, controlled vocabulary. In multiple languages (the oddest I’ve worked in is Kazakh). Next time you can find the book you’re looking for, thank a cataloguer. And maybe, just maybe, people will stop asking ‘and you need a master’s degree for that?’. (But probably not.)


Someone had to write this.

3. I’ve decided to do a comparison of all the Jane Eyre adaptations. And yes, I’ve been known to do things list this (like that time I thought it would be a good idea to watch the James Bond movies in order, I was watching James Bond for a month – in my defense it wasn’t entirely my idea and I didn’t do it alone). So far I’ve watched the Orson Welles version, the William Hurt version, the Toby Stephens version, the Michael Fassbender version, and I’m currently slogging through the Timothy Dalton version. I’ve always heard it was the best one, but I’m having some serious issues with it (like Jane’s squeaky exclamations).

4. Last week, I finally made it through Lincoln. I…liked it, I guess. Daniel Day-Lewis was amazing. Rounding out the list of movies watched: Liberal Arts (fine), Martha Mary May Marlene (fine to good), and What Lies Beneath (good).

5. I updated my about page, my reviews list, my blogroll, and my top ten lists. It needed to be done, but fun isn’t the word I’d use to describe the experience. FYI, Katie certified me awesome. I’m official, y’all.

6. I’m working on finishing my home library (the décor part, the book part is continuously evolving) and casually toying with the idea of putting the house up for sale. I’m thinking if I say I’ll share the finished library, it will motivate me to get it done faster. Maybe. You could call this project ‘How many times can Rory fuck up choosing a paint color and throw rug?’. The answer: too many to count.

7. And by paint color, I mean various shades of black and white. There was that time I tried mint green walls with a blue striped rug, it wasn’t good. I can’t believe I’m publicly admitting to that.

8. If you couldn’t tell, I tend to be very sensitive to my surroundings. I need things to look, feel, and be a certain way to feel at home. I do (sometimes) get a bit vexed over paint colors, throw rugs, furniture lay out, and (of course) any vermin that attempt to share my space.

9. If I was to start watching one of these shows, which one should I watch? Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, or Orphan Black.

10. I feel like this is the month of literary fiction. There was The Good Lord Bird, The Sound of Things Falling, and now At Night We Walk in Circles and Fallen Land. I’m going to need something fluffy, light, and fun after this. Suggestions? No chick-lit please. I can’t handle a love-to-hate him, love-to-love him, get married, happily ever after story right now. Just…no. The romantic in me is on hiatus.

So, please share (if you’re willing), what is going on with your life? Renovations? Work crises? Heinous break-ups? You know, something that will make me forget that the future of my professional life is hanging in the balance.


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