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You Found Me How…? A Top Ten List

I’m fascinated by search terms. I very much enjoy reading how people find this blog of mine. I think it’s partly because I do research for a living (granted, mine is more scientific and less…orgasmic).. As I’m still in the middle of both The Thicket and Needful Things, I have no new review for you. I do, however, have new search terms (you can see last month’s popular searches here)

On the life side of things, I made (and drank) sangria for the first time. You can see it here – looks good, right? I was very proud, no making fun of my man hands though. I saw the Indigo Girls and Bruce Cockburn in concert (and please no cracks about my age, I’m either stuck in the ’80’s-90’s or an old soul, best guess as to which). And finally I’ve decided I shouldn’t whine about my job, which I don’t do often because I usually love it (on any given day) and because this is my view.


These particular search terms are less popular than the ones I previously shared, but equally fun. In no particular order:

10. Richard Armitage Orgasm. There’s nothing appropriate I can say about this one, but I’m quite pleased someone found me this way.

9. I’m Still Confused. Me too.

8. Travel Every Night Different Bed + Freud. Freud would probably have a field day examining you.

7. Are you well? Yes.

6. Contemporary Paintings on Child Kidnapping. No commentary for this one…

5. Housewife Seducing Salesman for Sex. I do it all the time. Or not. I’m neither a housewife nor the type who seduces someone selling me something on my door step. Salesmen usually ask if my parents are home.

4. Brilliant Universe. Quite.

3. In Awe of You. I hope that you are, but forgive you if you’re not (and you shouldn’t be).

2. I wish you could tell me how you really feel and where I stand in your life. I wish for this too.

1. Leinenkugel Beer T-Shirts. The constant searches for t-shirts and macaroni and cheese can be solely blamed on John Sandford. Sadly, no Leinie t-shirts here.

Yeah, that’s all I have. I can’t even try to make this remotely intellectual. I could probably say something about sex and human nature, but I just can’t wrap my head around it right now. I feel like I should play Pepper’s FKARND for background music though. I actually kind of like the song (not my typical style), just don’t sing it in public. I also don’t recommended it for the easily offended. Obviously, to quote the fabulous Amber Dermont, I may not be getting any younger, but I am definitely more immature.

Please tell me someone else is getting these classy, inquisitive searches. Anyone?

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