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Subtitle: ‘Life Lately, According to my iPhone’

Because I live in Colorado, country music is a fact of life. It’s certainly not my favorite genre, but I don’t hate some of it as much as I used to. As a result, the first thing I think of when I hear the word Telluride is the Tim McGraw song. I went to the lovely town of Telluride this past week (arriving home late last night). It’s a beautiful place, but very isolated. There is no easy way to get there, but it is worth it. I’ve been making an effort to visit more of my home state recently. Sometimes I forget what a beautiful place it is (usually after a month of 100+ degree temperatures, horrendous air quality, and weeks without clouds or rain).

1. This was somewhere along the 7.5 hour drive (after Gunnison, before Montrose).
2. I missed the Bluegrass festival, but a wine festival is better, right? The film festival is next month.
3. The San Juan Mountains are even prettier in person.
4. I’ve mentioned my love for water a few times and I found the best swimming spot on the Dolores River. It was also a great fishing spot. I saw one too many fish for absolute aquatic comfort.
5. The whole point of vacation.
6. The view from the top of the ski slope. I cheated and took the gondola.
7. I still went hiking. My brother and I had this wonderful idea to hike to this interesting rock outcrop in the middle of nowhere, on top of a mountain, without a trail. It went brilliantly. (I am, at least, still alive). You can sort of see past him and how tiny the trees look.
8. The sky really is bluer in Colorado. Really.
9. Mesa Verde is close to Telluride. It reminded me why I have that (now essentially useless) degree in archaeology. It was amazing.

Other things of note:

I went to a book store, Between the Covers, which reminded me of Heather of Between the Covers book blog. This made me realize how mentally pervasive blogging can really be.

I have a love-hate relationship with Instagram. Do I use it? Yes. Do I think it presents a false reality? Yes. I read this article recently that suggested everyone wants fame and that Instagram is a by-product of that. Also, that by showing and sharing our lives, we are missing out on them. I don’t like Facebook, but I don’t mind Instagram or Twitter (though I’m not a frequent enough user of any to really judge its impact).

I read two books: The Bonfire of the Vanities and The Engagements. Both  are good.

Telluride was my last vacation of the year (on the off chance you’re dying to see my other travels, go here, here, and here). The only other events I have to look forward to this summer are an Arlo Guthrie concert and a Wilco/Bob Dylan concert.

Any summer vacations planned? Events? Concerts? Other fabulous things that will cause me to live vicariously through you while unfavorably comparing my life to yours?

Okay, that last bit’s not true. Unless you agree with that article.

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