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Stacks of Shame

I am stealing this from Kate at booksaremyfavouriteandbest (it’s also possible that I can’t manage to get my stuff together enough to post a review). I’ve already shared my TBR stack of review copies. This is my stack of books I’ve purchased and not bothered to read – yet. There are more than are in this photo, but I did not want to go upstairs and get the rest. Though in all honesty I’m not sure that I’ll ever read The Bridges of Madison County, Possession, or Orlando.

You know that website Dog Shame? I’m thinking of starting one featuring readers standing next to their to-be-read stacks. While holding bookshop carrier bags. BECAUSE WE KEEP BUYING BOOKS EVEN THOUGH WE ALREADY HAVE TONNES TO READ. Well I do anyway…

I mentioned that I’m going to my city’s yearly used book sale, despite this downright shameful stack of books that are waiting to be read.

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Shameful, no? Made more so that I intend to go buy more this weekend…

I always feel that I know who I am as a reader, then I look at my books and realize I have no idea.

I claim to not be fond of poetry. Yet there is a book of poems (and I have a a few lines of poetry tattooed on myself).

I claim to be fond of horror, but I have not finished The Call of Cthulhu…What?

There is not one, but two unread King books in that pile.

I claim to like Gothic novels, but haven’t bothered to read Daphne DuMaurier.

Who am I?!?

And Kate was right, I do feel slightly better. You now know all of my embarrassing secrets – at least of the literary sort. Which books do you hoard, but never read?

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