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I am on vacation. This is a fairly rare occurrence for me, so I am trying to enjoy it while it lasts. I’m probably not reading as much as I should, however I’m doing plenty of other things that I thought I would share (if only to make you wish you were here too and as I shared my last vacation I already set the precedent…). Warning: you are at the mercy of my high quality iPhone (and Instagram) photos.

1. Third Beach, Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia (that’s me, in case you didn’t recognize me :))
2. Hidden Valley, Discovery Park, Seattle, Washington
3. Keep Portland Weird, Dante’s, Live Music on Burnside, Oregon
4. Mt. St. Helens, Washington
5. North Beach, Seattle, Washington
6. Pike Place Market, Seattle, Washington
7. Por Que No Tacos, Portland, Oregon
8. Powell’s Books, Portland, Oregon
9. Salt & Straw, Portland, Oregon
10. Waterfront, Seattle, Washington
11. Seattle Skyline
12. Washington State Arboretum

So there you have it, the first week of my vacation. This list is actually fairly reflective of my interests: books, food, music, nature, and the beach – I’m sure there’s something deep to be inferred from that observation. I will be in British Columbia through most of this upcoming week. For those of you who read this post, thank you for humoring me – I would do the same for you.

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