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My Library Runneth Over: Ten Reasons I Can’t Stop Buying Books

And by reasons, I mean authors. Let’s blame them, shall we?

My home library

A small section of my library

You may have been expecting this list to contain Stephen King. You would not be wrong in assuming it might, but he’s not here (though 2/3 of his children are). Because I’ve read and paid for Gerald’s Game (I can’t get past that one scene), Dreamcatcher, The Tommyknockers, and Cell – I’ve since learned my lesson. King is occasionally less than stellar. Beware.

So who is on my auto-buy list? Technically no one, as I don’t generally engage in that type of bibliophilic consumerism. Only kidding, though I really don’t have an auto-buy list. I’m not even usually aware that authors are publishing new books (except for my very favorite), although I’m slowly becoming more cognisant of things like publisher catalogs (much to the detriment of my savings).

So, ten living authors I trust implicitly (as hosted by The Broke and The Bookish)…

10. Bob Dylan. In honor of my recent post. I buy everything he writes. Literary music counts, right?

9. Joe Hill. I am limiting this to his novels and short stories. I love his comics too, but if I purchased everything he published, I’d be quite poor. NOS4A2’s coming this April – can’t wait.

8. Warren Ellis. Very, very funny if you have the right sense of humor. Right sense of humor can be defined as not easily offended. And hey, Joss Whedon’s a fan too.

7. Patrick deWitt. The world is peopled with morons – you might be one if you do not love The Sisters Brothers. I’m not serious, I love you all, even you romance and young adult readers.

6. Owen King. Okay, so he hasn’t actually published a novel yet. But it’s coming March 19 and it’s every bit as amazing as I plan on telling you – next week. Possibly the future Mr. Russo?

5. Richard Russo. My love affair with Mr. Russo started in 1997 and is still going strong.

4. Jeffrey Eugenides. Musings on suicide, intersex, and marriage plots. I’ll read whatever’s next.

3. Frank Bill. Working class heroes and donnybrooks, yes.

2. John Irving. I’ve spent who knows how many posts professing my love of John Irving, his levity, and his literary flights of fancy. You knew he’d be on this list.

1. Donald Ray Pollack. Please, for the love of whatever you consider holy, write another book Mr. Pollack. I am not above begging.

Honorable mentions: Chad Harbach and Ernest Cline. I assume I will buy whatever comes after The Art of Fielding and I know I’ll read Armada. Liza Klaussman too…

So whose book would you buy, no questions asked (or reviews read)?

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