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No suitably summative title could be found: A top seven list

This week’s top ten seven list: settings I would like to see more of in modern literature (as hosted by The Broke and The Bookish). I tend to take each novel as it is, there are few (if any?) I clutch and proclaim I must read this because it is set in “insert place here”. However, there are settings I am notably fond of…

The popularity of minimalist posters is a beautiful thing.

The popularity of minimalist posters is a beautiful thing.

Truly, in no particular order:

7. Deadwood (as it appeared in the HBO series). The excessive violence, foul language fluency, and glorious Shakespearean-Western dialogue all made this a place I would’ve liked to see more of. Perhaps in a novel setting…

6. London, one with Benedict Cumberbatch please.

5. Northern New England – particularly Maine and New Hampshire. Yes, there are already plenty of novels set in New England, but it was my home for a long time (so what’s a few more?). I live in Colorado now where everyone hugs and expresses feelings, it’s all very odd. I need the reticence and the wry sense of humor (and really, it’s a little awkward that I still flinch when people try to hug me). If we’re getting specific: more Stephen King, less Jodi Picoult. And if the book gets released in audio format, please get a native speaker. Bad accents are distracting (and sometimes funny): think Nicolas Cage (Con Air (put the bunny back in the box), Captain Corelli’s Mandolin), Kevin Costner (Robin Hood, 13 Days), or anything with Keanu Reeves speaking something other than American English.

4. A setting so funny it was banned in Norway.

3. Boulder, Colorado. Because this town is a place unto itself… And The Stand was partially set here. Curious to see Boulder? Check out the mediocre Catch & Release. It was filmed near the University of Colorado campus while I was a student.

2. Scottish Highlands. I feel like all I find are smutty romance novels (and I use the term smutty with great affection).

1. Westeros. Not to rush genius or anything, but please shorten the wait between books a bit.

So I made it to seven, which is seven more than I thought I could come up with. Any to add? I know I’m probably missing a few places I wouldn’t mind reading about.

Original source unknown, found here on Pinterest. The rest of the images are via Instagram.

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