2012: Favorites

In general, I use my blog as a record of the books I read and food I eat. However, given I love lists (it’s a sickness); I thought I would make a best of 2012 list (partially inspired by Jamie at The Perpetual Page Turner). I want to remember the music I loved, the movies I watched, and the books I read. Someday, I’ll look back on this list and likely make fun of myself and I am okay with that. I’ve never claimed to be cool.

I’ll at least start on topic.


Music (mostly 2012 releases):


  • Your Sister’s Sister
  • Moonrise Kingdom
  • Argo
  • Biggest surprise: I hated the new Wuthering Heights
  • Worst: I actually sat through the entirety of Battleship. If Transformers was too nuanced for you, Battleship is your movie.





  • I have never listened to either a Justin Bieber or a One Direction song and I have no intention of changing that
  • 2012 highlights. Travel: Ireland, Sweden, Iceland. Life: watching my baby brother graduate valedictorian from high school. Work: I am officially a field mentor for all of those cute, little university graduate students who I am about 2 minutes older than.
  • I started this blog in July. Rough stats: 7,000 views (sad face), 778 valid comments, 1,278 spam comments.
  • I also write for the National Examiner and reuse similar content with better results: 48,645 views
  • Most popular post: by far Re-casting Stephen King’s The Stand
  • Favorite post: A Sport and a Pastime
  • Best search terms: Rory O’Connor Kick Boxing, Rory O’Connor Commodore (I don’t think y’all realize how popular the name Rory O’Connor is, google it, I’m the least successful of them all), Young French Girls in Movies (ummm…?), the vanilla thrilla vs the delicious destroyer (no less than 6 times),

I’d love any recommendations for anything. Books, Movies, Food. Something so abominably bad, it’s good. Please share.

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