#IT along: checking in with Stephen King’s IT

Currently, I am 655 pages into It by Stephen King (#ITalong, as hosted by Fizzy Thoughts and Reading Thru the Night). This means I am about to start Part 4 in my copy and am a bit more than halfway. This is my second time reading it, the first time I flew through it, so this time I am taking a bit more time to absorb it. It just so happened that Stephen King’s IT popped up in my Netflix cue (truly a coincidence), so I am watching that as well. It’s decent, better than The Stand miniseries (having heard they potentially doing a remake, I created my very own fantasy cast), and it nicely reinforces the creepiness of clowns. Apparently the same director who just redid Jane Eyre has signed on to remake IT.

Now to the story, I think in IT, more so than in any other of his novels, Stephen King writes wonderful backstories for his characters, for both the children and the adults. The Loser’s Club is by far my favorite group of characters King has created. They are warm, funny, and brave, but no one around them can see that. Personally, Ben Hanscom is my favorite and I consider Patrick Hockstetter to be one King’s most evil creations. Each member of the Loser’s Club must face what they fear the most, whether it’s a werewolf or a giant bird. When each triumphs, they eventually come together a form a quasi-family in the barrens.

So far IT is equals parts creepy and suspenseful*. I am looking forward to finishing the novel and writing a coherent review, I find that I’m not feeling particularly eloquent or insightful today. It’s the end of a rough week (I also find it a bit sad how guilty I feel when I post sub-par material). Despite my lackluster #ITalong check-in, I’m thoroughly enjoying my reread. Here’s to the next 500 pages (and a better week)!

*Of note, I think you can consider your novel successfully scary if, upon reading, a balloon becomes deeply menacing.

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