Stolen Prey by John Sandford

In a small Minnesota town, an entirely family has been tortured and murdered (right down to the family pets). Lucas Davenport is called to what is the most brutal scene he has ever witnessed. After investigating the family’s business for clues, they can’t find any sign of involvement in drugs or money laundering, but something is tugging at Lucas’ instincts. The scene feels like there is more going on. And there is. And finding out may cost Lucas more than he bargained for.

John Sandford has to be one of the most (if not the most) reliable crime fiction writer out there. Stolen Prey is his 22nd entry into the series. I have read all of his novels and enjoyed all 22 of them. I am particularly fond of the Prey series, though I’ve enjoyed the Virgil Flowers series. He just gets it right. The dialogue is sharp and funny, the pacing is excellent, and, at this point, reading a Prey novel is like visiting old friends. I look forward to every new installment into the series and I haven’t been let down yet. If you’re looking for a good crime fiction series, this is a great one to get started on (and, in my opinion, far superior to the last several entries into the Alex Cross series).

For those of you who have been reading the series for a while, can you picture Timothy Olyphant as a young Lucas Davenport? He is generally who I picture…

As for a recipe, embarrassingly enough, reading these books tend to make me crave junk food (I swear, that’s what Lucas and company really eat!). So, in honor of burger cravings, here is my favorite veggie burger recipe (I’m not a fan of the meat kind). It tastes as amazing as it looks!

Photos: and Angela Liddon/Oh She Glows

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